Class of 2013 Class Project

LMC Class of 2013 – Class Project

The goal of the LMC 2013 Project was to unite and educate the special needs community in Montgomery County by launching the BridgingApps program, administered by Easter Seals. This program will focus on educating the Montgomery County community about the incredible advances technology has brought in educating and assisting our special needs individuals with what may seem to be simple tasks to us – such as, speaking, reading, and writing. 

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Fundraising Events

1. Chick-Fil-A Nights

2. Wine Dinner at Crescent Moon Wine Bar on Thursday, January 24, 2013.

3. Golf Tournament at The Woodlands Palmer Course on Monday, February 18, 2013.


Open Houses
The class hosted 4 Open Houses around the Montgomery County area to introduce the Special Needs Community to the Assistive Technology that will be provided in the Technology Lab we are developing in The Woodlands, Montgomery County.  The technology introduced at each open house will educate the Special Needs individuals of how it will assist them with speaking, reading, and writing….an array of great resources that will enhance their quality of life and help them move toward independence.


What is Bridging Apps?

BridgingApps began as a grassroots effort by parents of children with disabilities after they learned how mobile devices would significantly help their children learn in school and enable them to be more engaged with the world.  Such mobile devices include Smartphones, iPod Touch, Tablets, and Mobile Devices that have a direct interface – a screen that is directly accessible. The parents also wanted a way to connect with one another so they could share their success stories that would enable others with similar disabilities benefit from their experiences.

There is no standardized manual for which particular device will work for a particular disability…..or which app will be beneficial for a particular individual….or which adaptive device will work for a certain physical limitation.  Figuring this out is a process.  Thus, going through such a process to find what will work to unlock the individual’s potential is as unique as the individual themself.

Since the beginning of this initiative, a network of BridgingApps support groups has developed around Texas in cities such as, Houston, Austin and the Rio Grande Valley.  In addition, the BridgingApps website ( has grown to be an outstanding resource for people all over the world who are looking for technology to assist individuals with disabilities.  While most of the participants of this great venture are parents of special needs children, there are also many therapists and educators involved with BridgingApps.

Once launched, Easter Seals has agreed to support and fund the BridgingApps program developed in Montgomery County by the LMC Class of 2013.

The components of this program include:

  • Education about the benefits of assistive and adaptive technology to the individual with disabilities,
  • A support group to assist individuals with special needs and their families share information about devices, apps and software, and resources for grants and funding,
  • A technology lab at the Easter Seals Montgomery County office that will be open one day per week with trained staff.  This lab will also be available to therapists and their clients throughout the week by appointment.

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