LMC Application

Thank you for your interest in Leadership Montgomery County!

Leadership Montgomery County (LMC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating the future leaders of the Montgomery County area. The intent of the program is to develop new community leaders and enhance the skills and community awareness of existing community leaders. The goal of the process is to assemble a diverse group of individuals with a common interest in leadership and better prepare those leaders to serve the community.

Please read the information below before submitting your application.


Application w/$12 Non-Refundable Fee 6/15/17
Notification of Acceptance 7/15/17
Tuition Due 8/15/17
Tuition Late Fee ($50) 8/16/17

TUITION: $1,200
Tuition is due in full by August 15, 2017. A late fee of $50 will be assessed on August 16. Tuition not paid by August 25, 2017 will result in removal from the class.


  • Applicants must live or work in the Montgomery County area.
  • Evidence of professional leadership and commitment in your respective craft/business career
  • Evidence that applicant is seeking long-term involvement in Montgomery County with the intent to serve on boards, commissions or any volunteer leadership roles.
  • Applicants must be willing to commit to the time involved to fully participate in the program.
  • If multiple applicants per company apply, not more than 1 of those applicants will be chosen for the class.  We strongly encourage companies to select only one employee to apply.
  • Applicants must be a member of one of the participating chambers of commerce (listed on application).

Acceptance into the program is based on a subjective assessment of the information each applicant provides in this application. It is critically important to diligently answer the entire application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Because there are typically more applicants than can be accommodated in each class, applicants who are not accepted are encouraged to reapply.


  • Applicants accepted into the program are expected to fully participate in all sessions as well as the Retreat.
  • Retreat is MANDATORY.
  • Class members may not miss more than 14 hours of class sessions throughout the year to graduate. A class session counts as 9 hours.
  • Class members missing more than 23 hours will be dropped from the program entirely.
  •  Applicants AND their employer must read and agree to the Statement of Commitment found below. A full copy of the Attendance Policy can be found here: LMC Attendance Policy
  • Please review the schedule and be sure you can attend the Retreat as well as each session before submitting your application.

(All session days are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Retreat is an overnight retreat beginning at 8 a.m. on August 31 and continuing through 4 p.m. on September 1.)

August 22, 2017                                             LMC Welcome Reception
August 31- September 1                                 Retreat
October 5, 2017                                             Economic Development
November 2, 2017                                          Education
December 7, 2017                                          Government
January 11, 2018                                            Infrastructure
February 1, 2018                                            Public Safety
March 1, 2018                                                Healthcare
April 12, 2018                                                Serving Our Community
May 3, 2018                                                   Leadership Development
TBD May                                                        Graduation
To Be Completed by April                                Class Project*

*Class project time is decided by each class and each participant. This is LMC’s leadership laboratory, and our participants find that the benefit that they receive from it is usually directly related to the effort that they put in. Some class project participation is mandatory for the participant to graduate. Over the LMC year, average project-hours per class member: 40. Each class day also has a Leadership Series component that includes monthly required  reading from a leadership book supplied by LMC.

On our class days, we occasionally have tours and meet at a variety of facilities. If a person is accepted to the class and has need for particular reasonable accommodations for participation, please let the LMC Executive Director know.

You must upload letters of recommendation from 2 persons in this community who can speak of your leadership potential. Only one reference letter may be from your employer. *Your application will not be considered complete without these two letters. Please note that current LMC board members cannot write letters of recommendation on behalf of applicants. 


  • Applications (and all accompanying documents and application fee) are due by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 15, 2017. Please allow ample time to complete the application and submit documents well in advance of the deadline. Do NOT wait until the last minute.
  • You may save and resume the application at any time before the deadline.
  • You will need to upload 2 Letters of Recommendation for your application to be considered complete.
  • You will need to upload your Statement of Commitment Form found here: LMC Statement of Commitment Form
  • You will need to submit your $12 application fee via credit card for your application to be complete. You will be prompted to do this once you submit your application.
  • To see a full copy of the Attendance Policy, click here: LMC Attendance Policy
  • If you have any trouble with the online application, please email Sarah@LMCTX.org.

Applications for the LMC Class of 2018 are now closed.