Throughout its history, Leadership Montgomery County has produced more than 1,000 graduates who continue to make a difference in our community!


Leadership Montgomery County (LMC) began originally as Leadership Conroe, founded by the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce in 1987. In 1995, The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce joined with the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce to establish Leadership Montgomery County. Since that time, the Greater East Montgomery County Chamber, the Greater Magnolia Parkway Chamber, the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber, and the Montgomery Area Chamber have all become partner chambers. 

Since its inception as Leadership Montgomery County, Frankie Alexander served as president of the organization. Affectionately known as “mom” to her classes, Frankie retired in 2011 after 15 years of service to LMC. She now holds the honorary titles of both President Emeritus and Honorary Alumnus.

Sarah Rhea, a graduate of the LMC Class of 2007 and a past LMC board member, has served as Executive Director of Leadership Montgomery County since 2011.

Throughout its history, Leadership Montgomery County has produced more than 1,000 graduates. LMC alumni members stay involved in the organization through educational programs, social activities, helping plan events and supporting the organization in various ways.

In 2022, LMC added two new offerings, the Montgomery County Leadership Summit and the Leadership Master Class. The Montgomery County Leadership Summit is a one-day leadership conference open to all business and community leaders. The Leadership Master Class is offered as a next-level leadership program to LMC graduates as a way to continue in their lifetime learning and growth as leaders. 


Leadership Montgomery County (LMC) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to developing and enhancing current and future leaders of Montgomery County. LMC promotes knowledge, awareness and insight into our community. Crafted by the Executive Director, Board of Directors and Session Directors, the signature class provides an educational forum and leadership development opportunities for participants. Class members meet on one Thursday of each month at various locations. Maps, agenda and speaker biographies are provided for class members prior to each class.

The mission of LMC is to prepare emerging and existing leaders to understand local issues, grow their leadership skills and connect with others to better serve Montgomery County.

Leadership Montgomery County is a member of the Association of Leadership Programs.


The initial group activity is a retreat held at the beginning of each class year. It includes a “Challenge by Choice” ropes course. A variety of activities are conducted to help class members bond as a team and discover individual strengths as leaders. At the end of the retreat, all agree that it is a most meaningful experience, as well as a good time. The participants make new friends and look forward to the next nine months of the LMC sessions designed to enable them to become better leaders in Montgomery County.


This session is hosted at an educational location in Montgomery County. Participants gain a better understanding of current educational challenges, such as funding, high growth areas, and safety for our students. School district superintendents, as well as representatives from area public and private schools outline their biggest challenges and future plans.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Session paints a broad picture of the wide variety of businesses and industries flourishing in the area. In addition to hearing presentations by local economic development experts in Montgomery County, the group is taken on a tour of several area companies. During the tours, the group has an opportunity to ask questions and expand their base of knowledge regarding economic development in one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.


The LMC Government session brings our national, state, regional and community leaders together in one day. Commissioners Court is an excellent way to begin an understanding of how the government maintains the quality of life in Montgomery County. Through presentations and interaction with the county elected officials, the participants learn the responsibilities of the Commissioners Court. Representation from our state and federal legislators is an important highlight of this session that everyone enjoys, in addition to presentations from city and community leaders. Part of the day is spent in a courtroom to experience how the justice system operates.


The Healthcare Session was added in 2002 as the result of a suggestion that one of the class participants made on a session evaluation. During the day, class members are provided with information on the major hospitals in the county and the services they provide, hear from some of the specialty healthcare providers, and have a tour of one of our state-of-the art local hospitals.

Public Safety

Safety is maintained in Montgomery County through the system of city, county and state law enforcement agencies and five constable offices. Also included is a tour of the County Jail and the 911 Communication Center. Class members also learn about fire protection, and how all of these entities work together for public safety.


Many of the people who live and work in this great county are unaware of what it takes to make it run smoothly. The speakers for this session on county infrastructure enlighten the participants as to the mechanisms that are in place and the management it takes for all of us to enjoy excellent roadways, water, sewer and drainage services, utilities, and telecommunications.

Serving Our Community

This session provides class members with a look into the various issues and needs throughout the county and the organizations working to make a difference. This session, added in 2015, gives participants the opportunity to explore ways they can become involved and give back to the community.

Leadership Development

This session encompasses a judgment-based evaluation devoted to leadership behavior, best practices and what it takes to understand your own leadership qualities. The participants come away with a better understanding of their own leadership skills and what it takes to motivate and lead others. This is one of the favorite sessions of the curriculum and one that participants remember for many years to come.


The nine-month course ends in a celebration honoring the participants who complete the requirements of the program. 

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