Each year, the class selects a class project that benefits the local community.
Projects range in scope and size depending on what the class chooses.

Class of 1996

Created the LMC Alumni Association.

Class of 1999

Organized a Career Day for 10th graders.

Class of 2002

Developed a resource guide for senior citizens – Living Senior.

Class of 2005

Created a CD – “Volunteer Montgomery County”.

Class of 2008

Multiple Projects at Bridgewood Farms – Built a commercial greenhouse, renovated ceramics room, designed and implemented website; added storage building.

Class of 2011

Multiple Projects at the Montgomery County Food Bank: bought and implemented donor management software; built a community garden; renovated and expanded backpack program area.

Class of 2014

Created a water conservation and education project, installing rainwater harvesting barrels at 3 locations throughout Montgomery County: Oak Ridge Elementary School, Bear Branch Sports Fields, and the North Montgomery County Community Center. Click here for more information.

Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 chose Henry’s Home Horse & Human Sanctuary as its class project. The class divided the project into four primary components that included Strategic Support, Capital Improvement, Marketing and Fundraising.

Class of 2018

The Class of 2018 worked with Society or Samaritans to maximize their resources, increase their service capacity, and improve their business processes. They helped implement a new case management software and purchased and installed two refridgerated storage units to increase food storage capacity. A portable building was donated for additional food pantry and classroom space.

Class of 2021

The LMC Class of 2021 selected a 4-part initiative for CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County. One project was CASA’s “Game of Life” for teens in foster care. The LMC team helped to host the event both inperson and virtually, and provided CASA with the tools to ensure it can continue to grow in the years tocome. The second project included updates and upgrades to four visitation rooms and a conference room at the Child Protective Services (CPS) office in Conroe. The third project was the creation of an online resource directory for volunteer CASA Advocates to help them source needs while assigned to a child’s case. The fourth project completed by the class was the assessment and development of a disaster recovery plan for CASA to help the organization better prepare for future potential disasters.

Class of 1997

Facilitated Town Hall Meetings for bond issue.

Class of 2000

Created awareness of the Montgomery College Technology Center.

Class of 2003

Created the LMC Foundation.

Class of 2006

Created an arbor & nature trail at the Spring Creek Greenway Nature Preserve and Produced an LMC Alumni Directory.

Class of 2009

Enhanced a hike & bike trail, built a bridge, installed picnic tables, benches and signage in Carl Barton, Jr Park– “The Bridge to the Future”.

Class of 2012

Multiple Projects at the Montgomery County Women’s Center Reaching Pines Facility: built play structure; hosted a toy, bike and activity drive; created buddy program.

Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 worked with Keep Austin Fed and the Montgomery County Homeless Coalition to establish Keep US Fed Montgomery County, a new volunteer-based organization that gathers wholesome and nutritious surplus food from grocers and commercial kitchens, and distributes it to local charities that serve individuals with food insecurities. In addition, the class also helped Heaven’s Army and The Willis Parent Support Center by expanding and updating their current facilities, allowing these organizations to store larger amounts of rescued food for their clientele. For more information on this class project, visit

Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 helped to rebuild a resale furniture store in Conroe for Angel Reach, a nonprofit organization assiting youth between the ages of 18-24 who have aged out of foster care or kinship homes. The class renovated the space, created a business plan, created a human resources manual, implemented a store pricing system, and developed marketing and social media campaigns.

Class of 1998

Created an LMC website and marketing materials.

Class of 2001

Renovated the Montgomery County Youth Services Fairway Home.

Class of 2004

Renovated Tri-County MHMR Services San Jacinto House.

Class of 2007

Created a website – – a connection to nonprofits in the county.

Class of 2010

Multiple Projects at Interfaith Community Clinic: cleaned and painted building; repaired interior damage; built out office; graded and landscaped site; bought and installed back-up generator.

Class of 2013

Launched the BridgingApps program in Montgomery County, administered by Easter Seals. This program focuses on educating the Montgomery County community about the incredible advances technology has brought in educating and assisting our special needs individuals with what may seem to be simple tasks to us – such as, speaking, reading, and writing.

Class of 2016

The Class of 2016 selected Montgomery County Youth Services (MCYS) BridgeWay Shelter as the beneficiary of their project. The shelter, located in Conroe, houses Child Protective Services placements and homeless youth. The class conducted facility renovations in BridgeWay 1 and spearheaded construction of an outdoor patio, and the donation and installation of a new stove at BridgeWay 2. The class also worked to create new extracurricular and educational programs for the residents. The programs give the residents valuable lessons and experiences they can carry with them long after they leave.

Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 selected New Caney New Horizons as the beneficiary of their project. New Caney New Horizons is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities. The class focused their efforts on a commercial food preparation area and an e-commerce site to sell their horticulture products online. When the pandemic hit, the class took on an additional project, aligning with LMC’s People Matter Core Value, to care for healthcare professionals serving on the frontlines. With the help of alumni, class members, and other donors, their People Matter Initiative fed healthcare professionals at local hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and first responders through a partnership with local restaurants.

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